SR22 Insurance

Some states require drivers to have SR22 insurance if those drivers have been caught driving without insurance. This might happen to you if you live in one of those states. People sometimes wonder if insurance is necessary. Some kinds are not always necessary, but all states require some kind of driver’s insurance.

The insurance known as SR22 is a kind of insurance that only some people need, in some states. If the police catch you driving without insurance, you’ll have to go to court. One of the consequences is that you’ll have to purchase SR22 insurance, and that you’ll have to carry it for a certain amount of time (usually three years). Once you have carried the SR22 insurance for the amount of time required by law, you will have fulfilled your obligation to the law, and you will no longer be required to carry it.

This insurance known as SR22 insurance might also be associated with other infractions that can happen while driving an automobile. Imagine, for instance, you have been drinking alcohol, and you get in your car and drive. If you get in an accident while you are under the influence of alcohol, or if you get pulled over by the police, for speeding, or for changing lanes without indicating, while you are under the influence of alcohol, SR22 insurance might come into effect. The reason is that if you are charged with the crime known as Driving Under the Influence, or the crime known as Driving While Intoxicated, the SR22 insurance might be required of you.

There are other reasons you might be required by law to purchase and carry SR22 insurance for a certain amount of time. Imagine you are convicted of repeat traffic offenses, or of being ticketed for numerous traffic offenses in a short amount of time. There are all sorts of traffic offenses a driver can be found guilty of if a driver does not drive with care or with caution. If you are curious about what these traffic offenses might be, do a quick search on the internet. Type the words “traffic offenses” into the search box of a search engine (like Google or Bing), and press the return key, and see what pages come up. Click on these pages for further information.

Basically, an SR22 is a document that proves financial responsibility. You need this to show that, if an accident occurs while you are driving, you will have a way to pay for any damages you might be liable for.

Another reason you might be required by law to purchase and carry SR22 insurance for a certain amount of time is if you have a suspended license or if you have your license revoked.

Some form of driving insurance is required in all states. The SR22 insurance is usually required if something out of the ordinary happens that has negative consequences. You usually are not required to have SR22 insurance when you first start driving, but you are required to have it if certain circumstances demand you have it.